Custom Cars & Coffee was founded in Jan 2014 and is dedicated to the motoring enthusiast community. It is where hundreds of proud owners across Melbourne will be able to unite while having a chat, meet new and old friends while sharing a coffee. It is designed so that everyone will be able to enjoy each event; from classics, exotics, hotrods, imports, modern sports cars.

Custom Cars & Coffee is all about enjoying our passion in a safe responsible manner.
  • No excessive or high reving
  • No burnouts
  • Be respectful to everyone
  • Enjoy the event!
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President / Founder (EXEC)
Brandon Chan
0438 022 288
Vice / President (EXEC)
Waasi Khan
0433 960 006
Secretary (EXEC)
Shannon-Lee Smallpage
Treasurer (EXEC)
Annabel Schulze
Sponsorship / Promotions (EXEC)
Mark Szostek
Ground / Logistics (EXEC)
Mike Mallows
Social Media
Lauren Stix(LEAD)
Michael Mallows
Adrian - Aperture Imaging
Dermie - Defiant Arts
Graphics / Print Guru
Charles Lin
Meet n' Greet / Live Feed
Natasha Simran